photo by @tiffgifphotog


My name is Gloria Yuen and I am the founder and designer of Our Goods.

We all have moments when we see that cute dress or shirt in the store and we love it. We need it. We wear it a few times and then it sits in our closet for a couple (or a few) months, and then we get rid of it. Trends come and go. Cheap clothes shrink, tear, and disposed; most of which are made of pesticide-grown cotton and dyed, treated, and/or bleached with harmful substances, making fashion one of the leading causes of pollution.

Every piece in our closet should be our favorite. Pieces we can wear all season, every season. No disposable trends, chemicals, and unethical sweatshops. Just simple, honest clothes.

I started the brand because I was deeply disappointed in how wasteful, polluting, and harmful the fashion industry is. Our Goods are made of all plant-based eco-friendly fabrics. I make each piece one by one right in my home-workshop. All components, including labels, tags, and packaging are all eco-friendly or recycled. If we all buy consciously, it does make a difference, however small. Just tell your friends.

Buy less, wear often :-)

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