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who we are.

OUR GOODS is a minimalistic sustainable streetwear brand that emphasizes the use of all eco-friendly plant-based fabrics and ethical labor. One of our goals is to bring community together and promote a more conscious lifestyle using fashion. We want to start a trend for all streetwear brands to reevaluate their impact on the earth, people, and culture alike; and make the changes necessary based on this responsibility. Streetwear in American culture as well as global culture is such a big category; all eyes are on the biggest streetwear brands making waves in the industry. Using this category to promote healthier consumer habits and perspectives, we believe, is a stepping stone to change the environmental and social impact that all industries create. We want our customers to feel comfortable and proud of all of their buying decisions as our society shifts to become more progressive.

All the fabrics we use are strictly plant-based fibers: organic or upholds an eco-friendly standard. Made to order. Unisex for all. No plastics. No harmful dyes and substances. Just simple, honest goods. Good for you and our planet.


photo by @tiffgifphotog

the story.

My name is Gloria Yuen and I am the founder and designer of Our Goods.

We all have moments when we see that cute dress or shirt in the store and we love it. We need it. We wear it a few times and then it sits in our closet for a couple (or a few) months, and then we get rid of it. Trends come and go. Cheap clothes shrink, tear, and disposed; most of which are made of pesticide-grown cotton and dyed, treated, and/or bleached with harmful substances, making fashion one of the leading causes of pollution.

Every piece in our closet should be our favorite. Pieces we can wear all season, every season. No disposable trends, chemicals, and unethical sweatshops. Just simple, honest clothes.

I started the brand because I was deeply disappointed in how wasteful, polluting, and harmful the fashion industry isfor people and the planet. I made it my life goal to try and combat this problem. Our Goods is a one-woman team, with products made from all plant-based fabrics. Each piece is handmade one by one right in my home-workshop. All components, including labels, tags, and packaging are all eco-friendly or recycled (and packages are shipped carbon-neutral!). If we all buy consciously, it does make a difference, however small. Just tell your friends.

Buy less, wear often :-)

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